{ jou eats } santouka ramen in west la

santouka ramen, west la via it's jou life - http://wp.me/p3cljj-7zA Haiku dedicated to a favorite West LA noodle shop.

Title: Santouka Ramen
– – –
Rich hearty pork broth
My version of comfort food
Noodles go slurp, slurp.
– – –

I’m lazy when it comes to making Tonkatsu broth ramen. I’ve actually never tried.

The ramen chefs have much more patience than me when it comes to making soups. It’s an epic process (20 hours!!!) to make their delicious mild, pearl-colored Tonkatsu soup. Something about simmering the pork bones before adding their vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients.

Living in West LA, Santouka is the next best thing to Daikokuya in Downtown LA, Hakata in the South Bay and Tsujita in Little Osaka. An affordable place where I am happy to shell $10 for a full meal set. It’s located in the Mitsuwa Japanese grocery market and makes it convenient to shop for Asian groceries and grab a quick-style meal. This is a Cash Only place.

I usually get the Shio Ramen, which comes with pickled plum, noodles, bamboo shoots, jelly fungus (mushroom?) and cha-shu. The cha-shu may be on the fatty side and the soup may be on the oilier side, but it unarguably makes it tastier.

Slurp away !!!

Santouka (3760 S Centinela Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066) (310) 391-1101. Located in Mitsuwa market, along Centinela x Venice Blvd.


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